Helping You Feel Better from the Inside Out!

                      "Waters of Life Colon Care" was opened in September, 2006                                                 by Diane Crosser in Rochester, New Hampshire.....

......after Diane received her certification with the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) at Cathy Shea School in Juno Beach, Florida in April, 2006.  Several years before this, Diane received her Bachelor's Degree in Holistic Nutrition and was practicing as a Holistic Nutritionist and Whole Foods Educator teaching cooking classes, raw food preparation and assisting clients one on one with detox programs and food coaching.  She felt the addition of CHT to her practice with a focus on Digestive Health and Wellness would bring her service to her clients to a deeper level and felt it was a healing modality that this area of New Hampshire was in great need of.   She has been blessed many times over for it!   Diane loves making a difference in the lives of those who struggle with digestive difficulties, toxicity and overall sluggishness. Her recent passion is instructing her clients and friends on how to ferment their own Probiotic foods to incorporate in to their daily diets!  Kefir, Kombucha Tea and cultured vegetables are the master "trilogy" for healthy digestion and vibrant health!!   

              Reception Room in Rochester

              Treatment Room in Rochester:

                                                                                 WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING:

"Diane Crosser of Waters of Life Colon Care offers a very unique approach to the health and well-being of the colon that works the whole digestive tract--from the start to the finish, so to speak!  Talking to and being treated by Diane has been a great blessing for me!  I have become strengthened by her knowledge in and practice of therapeutic juicing and raw foods.  Her gentle release approach to the colonic took my apprehension out of the equation and sustained my sense of well-being. Thank you, Diane, for helping me nurture myself in the best way possible!" .................  Betsy, Melvin Village, NH

"Searching for health value in a holistic approach to feeling good via colon cleansing and diet evaluation, Waters of Life is the place to come. Diane is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely puts one at ease. The facilities are meticulously clean and organized. The atmosphere is inviting, and peaceful with soothing music. The experience is relaxing, never feel rushed .... and the leave with the sense of well being. My digestive system has improved with each session. I continue on a monthly maintenance program and always look forward to returning! Though the travel is lengthy, the benefits are worthwhile, & the cost is reasonable".. Rich C, Kensington, NH

"Diane, I want to thank you for the great service you gave me yesterday! I was very nervous but you made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I appreciate the new foods you recommended to incorporate into my diet, we already bought a few of your suggestions and we're loving it!  I felt so clean after the colon hydrotherapy and when I felt my tummy when I was lying in bed, I was amazed that it was soft and pliable, not hard the way it usually is! I can only imagine the nasty toxins that you helped me get rid of. Best wishes to you! I look forward to my next visit!" ........ Suzen D, Dover, NH 

"I had my first appointment with you a couple of days ago, and I'm writing you to let you know everything is going great! I'm already hooked on the green smoothies! They are great. Thank you so much for telling me about them. My mom, my boyfriend and I are having one a day, if not two! I feel so much better since the colonic. I also got all the foods you advised me to get. I can't wait until my next colonic session in two weeks. It's such a great relief for me. Thank you so much for being so kind. You are a very welcoming person!!!  See you soon!"  ........Becca, Dover, NH

"I never realized how relaxing a colon hydrotherapy session could be!  Often times, I can't wait to get on Diane's table!  Diane is very knowledgeable about different types of foods to eat to help with whatever bowel issues I may be having at the time, too!  She's very compassionate and gentle and makes me feel so relaxed.  All her suggestions are easy to incorporate into my lifestyle and my family enjoys them too.  I highly recommend seeing Diane to anyone who is contemplating colon cleansing!  In my opinion, the experience is so much more than that!" ......  Kathy H., Northwood, NH

"Hi Diane,  I just want to tell you what a nice, relaxing treatment you gave me. I felt no discomfort and was very relaxed. You are a very caring and knowledgeable therapist!  Also thank you for the additional advice on healthy foods  and recommendations that seem very easy for me to start with right away!" ................JC, Wilmington, MA

                            Thank you, All, for the very kind comments!  Diane ;o)