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 Diane Crosser with Dharma!                                                                                              Certified Colon HydroTherapist                                                                                             B.S. Holistic Nutrition                                                                                                          Probiotic Food Educator                                                                                                      Certified Raindrop Practitioner

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                   Waters of Life Colon Care is committed to helping you feel better from the "inside-out"!  We offer Colon Hydrotherapy (colon irrigation or colonics)  and education for optimal digestive function.  Diane earned her B.S. in Holistic Nutrition in 2006 and incorporates whole foods coaching into her colonic sessions educating about Probiotic foods which aid in strengthening and nurturing your digestive health to promote optimal digestive function.  Diane also has a background in Raw Food Preparation and teaching Therapeutic Juicing and Whole Foods cooking classes and has coached clients in various methods of  Detoxing the internal organs.  Diane is also certified in "Raindrop Technique" which involves application of therapeutic grade essential oils along the entire length of the spinal column which has been shown to help break up impurities that can become stagnant and lie dormant between the discs of the spinal column.  We will do everything we can to meet all your goals and expectations.   Look around our web site and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.                                                          Best of Health and Wellness! 

 Some signs of Inefficient Elimination and a Toxic Colon can be:

  • Constipation                                         Chronic Headaches
  • Body Odor                                            Arthritis
  • Excessive Gas                                      Aching Muscles & Achy Joints
  • Persistent Tiredness                           Pot Belly
  • Poor Immune Function                      Skin Problems
  • Bloating                                                 Bad breath
  • Lower back pain                                   Dry, brittle nails
  • Inability to lose weight                        Cold hands/feet
  • Poor concentration                               Hemorrhoids
  • Irritability                                             Sagging posture                                                                                                                                                                                                    Possible Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy include:   

                        Toning of the colon & restoring peristalsis                                         

                     Clearing skin rashes & improving complexion

                   Possible relief from headaches & general aches & pains

                       Possible relief of constipation, diarrhea, and gas

                             Potential loosening of mucus in the lungs

                               Strengthening of the immune system

                                Feeling lighter & more energetic

                                             Potential Weight loss

                                     Possibly sharper, clearer mind

                    All around feelings of improved health & vitality

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