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Now offering Holistic Nutrition Consults, Bowenwork and Raindrop Technique!  

Check back for Fermented Food classes coming in the Fall!  Also, new Business Name!


 Diane Crosser with Dharma!                                                                                                            B.S. Holistic Nutrition                                                                                                          Probiotic Food Educator                                                                                                      Professional Bowenwork Practitioner                                                                               Certified Raindrop Practitioner

             Waters of Life Colon Care Bids Farewell to Colonics......

After 9 years of amazing service administering colon hydrotherapy to so many wonderful people, I am closing the Colonic piece of my practice as of August 17th and moving on to a new adventure!  It's been an amazing journey of healing for many of you, and also for me as I've coached all of you along the path to better digestive health and healing.  It's been an honor to work with you all and I offer you my immense gratitude for your immeasurable trust and your boundless faith in my ability to serve you a Colon Hydrotherapist and Holistic Nutritionist helping to facilitate the healing of Body, Mind and Spirit through colonics, healthy food practices, self care, nurturing the Spirit and of course, loving your body by learning to incorporate enzyme rich  fermented foods into your diets!  Was such a pleasure for me to guide you and witness you grow and improve in overall health! 

I would be happy to speak with you about any concerns you may have or about transitioning over to another Hydrotherapist.  I will continue to offer Raindrop Technique using therapeutic grade essential oils, as well as Holistic Nutrition food coaching, teaching fermented food classes and will be adding a new modality called "Bowenwork" to my practice!!  

Check back for more information on class schedule coming soon!

I hope to see many of you return for the other services I'll be offering!

Abundant Gratitude and Love,

Diane <3

Diane can can still be reached at:

                       (603) 682-2012   or